In the 1970s, the emergence of the minicomputers led to the introduction of low-cost modems and the partially dedicated point-to-point connections were no longer sufficient.

József Lukács and his younger brother Endre decided to create a computer which was accessible to the average user.

HP released its first HP 1000 minicomputer in 1966.

HT 680X professzionális személyi számítógép

A Híradástechnika Szövetkezetben a 70-es évek második felében indult a számítástechnikai fejlesztés. 

The winning computer on the first School-computer Competition of the Ministry of Education. Practically, the HT-1080Z was the first computer that appeared in a large scale in the schools

Beside their measuring instruments recognized on a world-wide level, they started the mass production of the first Hungarian calculator, HUNOR 131, under the direction of Árpád Klatsmányi.