The Elliott 803 was a small computer developed by the Elliott Brothers company in the 1960s.

EMG 777 programozható grafikus kalkulátor

Az 1970-es évek közepére az EMG gyár vezető fejlesztői a sikeres EMG 666 helyére egy új eszközt szerettek volna tervezni.

In 1968, the EMG developed the plan of a second generation computer named EMG 830, operation speed of which was 25,000 operations/second, with a memory capacity of 24 bit/word.

It was a very widespread computer in Hungary with a serious fan base in the 80s and 90s in our country. In the western part of the world, it was considered a less successful construction.

For comparison’s sake, next to the Hungarian machine, we exhibited the soviet computer called R22 representing the second category in the ES.

The yellow-cable (also known as 10BASE-5, thicknet) is one of the several physical media specified in the IEEE 802.3, used in Ethernet-based local networks.