Drum memories of the first Hungarian electronic computer.

SzKI introduced the first professional microcomputer here, named M05X, in the 1970s but only the version improved by the Technical University of Budapest, by the name of M08X, was put into production in Esztergom by Labor MIM.

The World's first microfloppy - the predecessor of the 3.5″ floppy disk system - in 3-inch version - was developed by Marcell Jánosi in the BRG, in 1973.


A Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) a VAX (Virtual Address eXtension) módszert a mikroprocesszoros  MicroVax gépcsaládban mutatta be, első í

The Minsk computer family manufactured in Minsk for 10 years is practically the descendant of the vacuum tube M3 computers developed in Moscow.

The MINSK-32 digital computer for general purposes was produced in the Soviet Union, in the Ordzhonikidze factory, in 1968.