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Dear Visitor!

We apologize, but at the moment we’re unable to present the original Neumann documents in the Neumann memorial room, because restorers are working on to preserve and repair the condition of the documents.

Thank you for your understanding.


Appointment for guided tours: Orsolya Kónya: +36 70 336 7064


  • Gábor Képes: Senior Fellow, Neumann Society - NJSZT +36-1-472-27-44
  • Orsolya Kónya: +36-70-336-7064
  • Gergő Mihálovits

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  • Adults: 1200 HUF/person
  • Discounted admission (children, students, seniors): 800 HUF/person
  • families (2 adults/3 children): 3000 HUF
  • Group pricing (groups of 10+) 1100 HUF/person; guided tour: 1400 HUF/person

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Phone: 62-563-487


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Imre Szalay managing director, Neumann Society