Press release

Marc Andreessen and Jim Clark founded Mosaic Communications, later to be renamed Netscape Communications on 4 April 1994.

The Centre for Computing History in Cambridge, UK, will organise a two-day event on 24-25 May to give an insight into the past, present and future of video and computer games as well as into the industry built around gaming.

France Télécom terminated Minitel on 30 June 2012. Minitel, the X25 protocol-based commercial on-line service for end-users, was one France’s best-known services, and a pride in technology for a good while before World Wide Web took over.

The well-known Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, will open a new exhibition Where to? A History of Autonomous Vehicles.

Bletchley Park historian Joel Greenberg published a book about Gordon Welchman (1906-1985), one of the forgotten and lesser-celebrated geniuses who worked at Bletchley Park, home to British codebreakers in World War Two.

After a while all retro console collectors have to face the problem that there are far too many consoles lying around the TV set, let alone the irritating bundles of cables and heaps of controllers.

Irene Grief

The monthly-published Atlantic magazine did a long interview with Irene Grief. Grief was the first woman to be awarded Ph.D. in computer science from MIT ' in 1975.

Jack Kilby

The first integrated circuit (IC) was created by Jack Kilby (1923-2005), engineer at Texas Instruments in 1958, and it was demonstrated on 24 March, 1959.

British Chancellor, George Osborne, announced on 19 March that an institute would be set up to focus on the Big Data phenomenon and algorithm research in the United Kingdom.

Leslie Lamport

In 2013, Leslie Lamport from Microsoft Research received the A.M. Turing award, which equals the Nobel Prize in computer science.