Press release

Twitter, one of the leading community networks and today's most popular short text messaging service, was launched on its way to conquer the world at 9.50 in the morning on 21 March.

Introduced at the Computer Trade Show in Barcelona in the autumn of 1985, ZX Spectrum+ 128 was released in the United Kingdom in February 1986.

What can be regarded as artificial intelligence in games? To put it simply, it is generally a code that arrives at “intelligent” answers through reviewing information relevant to the game.

Tony Sale

The Computer Conservation Society in the UK has announced a call for applications for the second Tony Sale Award.

ZX80, the world’s smallest and cheapest computer at the time, which was to have a powerful impact on the manufacture and sale of personal computers in the UK, was introduced in February.

The Cambridge Centre for Computing History (UK) held a fascinating event on 21 February ? a Night of Retro Gaming. Visitors could get to know and try rare consoles and games of historic times.

Steve Jobs

Every year the US Postal Service (USPS) issues postage stamps that feature famous personalities.

The Centre for Computing History in Cambridge, UK, has announced that in the future it will collaborate with John Silvera, the inventor of FUZE, a portable computer and workstation designed for educational purposes.

On 5 February the National Museum of Computing in the UK celebrated the 70th “birthday” of the legendary Colossus, which played a significant role in World War Two.

IBM’s first killer application, the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet programme for PCs, was launched on 26 January 1983.