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The most harmful viruses of the good old past are on display, like in a zoo, at the Malware Museum.

Students at the University of Szeged (SZTE) can learn how to develop two-dimensional computer games similar to the great classics such as Mario, Prince of Persia, or Earthworm Jim.

The server that was switched off recently had been running twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week since1997 without any special maintenance done to it.

The legendary Media Lab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, popularly known as MIT, celebrated the 30th anniversary of its establishment at the end of October.

Punched cards and similar systems were used in the field of automation and data processing already in the mid-18th century.

Marvin Minsky, a legendary figure in artificial intelligence (AI) research, died on 24 January. Numerous obituaries have been published to pay tribute since then. Also in tribute to Minsky, a 25-minute interview with him done by Ray Kurzweil himself in 2010 was published on Kurzweil’s portal.

At the age of 88, Marvin Minsky, one of the great pioneers of artificial intelligence research, passed away on 24 January.

Robert Williams from Michigan was the first human to be killed by a robot. The accident happened to the 25-year-old man at Ford Motors on 25 January 1979.

Internet Explorer died officially on 12 January as Microsoft no longer provides support for the twenty-year-old web browser.

In the 1940s, ENIAC, taking up an entire room, could only operate with heavy air-conditioning on. To be able to perform different tasks, cables had to be rearranged, but ENIAC could calculate faster than any of its rivals. The most famous ENIAC programmers were women, but instead of calculating artillery trajectories, it helped to do calculations for Ede Teller’s hydrogen bomb. It was struck by lightning in 1955.