Vote on top British inventions and innovations of the last 100 years

Alan Turing The Science Museum ( in the UK in collaboration with other institutions conducted a survey to find out what British inventions and innovative solutions from the last 100 years were considered the most influential. The public was also asked to vote on the ones that are likely to shape our future.

What is fascinating from a computer science aspect is the fact that number one in the innovation vote, receiving 24 per cent of all votes, was Alan Turing?s universal machine that laid ?the theoretical basis for all modern computers?, and World Wide Web, connecting the planet, came in sixth. ARM chip, found in most world?s smart phones and tablets, was ranked number eleven, while Colossus, the ?world?s first digital electronic computer? came in number thirteen.

Second from the top is BMC Mini, third is X-ray crystallography technique, fourth is the discovery of pulsars, fifth is the Mallard, the fastest steam train in the world. The complete list and further information can be found at:

Most votes on future innovation were received by ionic liquid chemistry, Raspberry Pi, the cheap computer meant, in principle, to revolutionise programming ranked second, 3D printer capable of printing artificial organs in the future ranked third, graphene fourth, and the discovery of the Higgs boson came in fifth.