Two legendary operation system variants

Mac OS 9, the final major variant of the Apple Classic Mac operation system was released on 23 October 1999. Further development work and upgrades were discontinued in 2002, when OS X was launched. In the same year, Steve Jobs commemorated the legendary operation system in a kind of funeral speech, and “buried” it at Apple’s developers conference.

Two years and two days later, the great rival Microsoft launched XP, one of its most successful variants of Windows, on its way to conquer the world. Microsoft aimed to enhance user experience and provide perfect usability, which they have more or less achieved. XP was a smashing success, more than 400 million copies were sold in five years before Vista débuted in 2007. XP is still widely used today.

News from the very recent past also belongs to the history of Apple and Microsoft: Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 and Windows 8 were released on 26 October in 2010 and 2012 respectively.