Google also pays tribute to Rubik’s Cube on the 40th birthday of the puzzle

19 May marks the birthday of the cube that was initially called Magic Cube, later to be re-named and renowned as Rubik’s Cube. The birthday of one of the most popular puzzles was remembered all over the world as all the localised pages of the Google browser displayed a doodle, an animation right above the search field, with a special cube that you could try your hands at – a way to celebrate the invention of Ern? Rubik. Doodle also offered online games: using a mouse you could turn the sides of the cube, and the results could be checked with the help of a counter. Like so many other doodles, the cube is not lost, and can be found at

Google prepared something else too for the Cube’s birthday by launching Chrome Cube Lab (, which assists you in building your own internet-based puzzle. An absolutely unique piece can be created, if you are good at coding. In case you are not, the multitudes of models in the resource are still worth a good look at.

The anniversary was remembered in other fields of information and communication technology as well. For instance Shapeways, a dominant player in 3D printing, has collected the most fascinating prints inspired by the Cube. ( The popularity of logical puzzles is unbroken, and there are multitudes of models, which can also be purchased in the online shop.