Creator of Raspberry Pi received Order of the British Empire

David Braben renowned as a game developer and the co-founder of Raspberry Pi Foundation was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) by Queen Elisabeth II. The receipt of the award is no coincidence as the British Royal Family is far from being unfamiliar with Braben’s miniature computer. Queen Elisabeth II herself knows it very well as her son, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, acquainted Her Majesty with Raspberry Pi. Prince Andrew has been familiar with and using Raspberry Pi for over a year now.

The official statement issued by the British government says that Braben received acknowledgement for his contribution to British computer and video games industry. The award is given annually in honours of the birthday of United Kingdom’s Queen.

Raspberry Pi was introduced in May 2011 as a computer that would mainly be useful to students, because they could learn basic programming with its help. Fund-raising campaign for its development was started on Kickstarter, the well-known crowdfunding site.

Eben Upton, designer of the computer, announced last November that the successor of the miniature computer might be released in three years’ time. Two million units were sold by November 2013, while already 3 million units were purchased by mid-June. The foundation set up a fund this April in order to promote the spread of Raspberry Pi in education institutions, and stimulate children aged between 8 and 15 to develop an interest in computer science.