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BUT we are! We are looking for these droids.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum, the most successful home computer of all times celebrates its 35th birthday on 23 April.

It is the birthday of the Hungarian poet Attila József, which is observed as the National Poetry Day in Hungary.

The machine was donated by the engineer István Bíró, the former general director of IDG Hungary.

Commemoration under the umbrella of Digital Equality

Hotmail, originally spelt HoTMaiL, the first web-based emailing service was launched on 4 July 1996.

Older people in Hungary may have plenty of memories when it comes to VHS: shopping trips to Vienna; recordings of weddings or school leaving celebrations, which relatives forced on us against our will ...

"Now let’s see how the outfit of Steve Jobs changed between 1998 and 2010"

One of Tesla's inventions was patented on 8 November 1898, which was described as a vessel without wires or electrical cables that could be moved by "producing waves, impulses, or radiations which are received through the earth, water, or atmosphere" as long as it remained within effective range.