Legendary Bill Campbell has died

Bill Cambell, nicknamed as “the Coach” because of his wise counsel to Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Jeff Bezos and great many other heads of giant companies and IT experts, died of cancer at the age of 75 on 18 April.
In addition to heading successful companies such as Intuit, GO Corporation, and Claris, just to mention a few, Campbell was an advisor and close friend to many company chiefs, investors, and start-up entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley. As a matter of fact he also worked in leadership position for Apple as well. Campbell, who was respected and loved by everyone around him, acted as a kind of mentor or grey eminence working in the background.
He gained fame as the captain of the American football team of Columbia University in 1961. Later on he worked as the actual coach of the university team.
He became a legendary figure in the Silicon Valley although he shunned the spotlight, and admittedly he could not even do HTML programming.