Development of Java started for real 25 years ago on 8 April

On 8 April 1991, a team from Sun Microsystems retreated to a secret place to begin work on the development project called “Oak”, later renamed to Java.
Development was led by the Canadian James Gosling, who worked for Sun from 1984 until 2010. Gosling designed Java, and implemented the original complier and virtual machine of the language. The name Oak was given by Gosling after the oak tree growing outside his office. However, it turned out later on that this name was already adopted for an existing programming language so it eventually gained world fame as Java.
The general purpose object-oriented programming language with no operating system dependencies was released in 1995 and developed by Sun as long as 2009, when Sun was acquired by Oracle. Version 1.7 in 2011 was already released by the new owner just like 1.8 in 2015. The name Java has become one with Oracle’s trademark.