Computer Exhibition – The past of the future

Light-walking ladybird

Soviet computer consisting of 27 cabinets

Working vintage computers

On 13th of December, 2012, a Computer exhibition?unique all over Europe with its several thousands of exhibits?was opened to the public in the Szeged Agora, on a floor space of 1300 square meters.
The main sponsor of the project, the John von Neumann Computer Society (NJSzT) offered outstanding intellectual and financial support to create and continuously develop this exhibition which stands unique among the world’s leading computer history museums.

In this museum, visitors are offered a chance to learn about and even have a hands-on experience with computers and devices that reflect the evolution of computing from the beginnings to the present. The hundreds of tonnes of computer devices and equipment presented here were nothing short of indispensable in the development of today?s technology: touch screens, laptops or smart phones, not to mention the Internet itself, could not exist without them.

Through these unique relics never exhibited so far, the organizers commemorate John von Neumann, one of the greatest Hungarian scientists of the 20th century. One of the greatest achievements of John von Neumann was the development of the operating principles of computers and participating in the creation of the first such systems.
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