And this is just the beginning! – article in newspaper Népszabadság about the Computer Exhibition

A group in the Bletchley Park near London, led by Alan Turing deciphered the Nazi Enigma encryption code, using the programmable Colossus machines which were destroyed after the war at the orders of Churchill to protect the technology from Soviet spies. The computer museum there now has a counterpart: Sponsored by the John von Neumann Computer Society, the Computer Exhibition of Szeged has been opened to the public.

The history of just over fifty years that completely changed the world. In the fifties, the idea that we can make video calls from anywhere while walking on the street seemed to be something out of science-fiction fantasies. Just like the idea that you can use huge databases to retrieve almost any piece of information. I was there for the most part of it, yet the process presented in ‘The past of the future’ still seems almost unbelievable: the speed of computing having progressed from zero to the level we can experience today.