M08X central unit with video display

SzKI introduced the first professional microcomputer here, named M05X, in the 1970s but only the version improved by the Technical University of Budapest, by the name of M08X, was put into production in Esztergom by Labor MIM.

The M08X computer was built on the Z80 microprocessor, with a 64 KB capacity main memory, rated as standard at that time. The machine originally included the CP/M operating system, written by Gary Kildall, and was the most widespread disk operating system before the success of MS-DOS. For the machine a separate desk was made that contained the dual 8″ floppy unit manufactured at the MOM and the Orion produced green-phosphor monitor display. This professional personal computer with an outstanding importance in the first half of the 1980s was successfully used in administrative and inventory applications (smaller and middle-size companies), and at universities for technical education. A few copies of it got to secondary schools as well.

Main parts:

–    monitor: 25 line * 50 characters, 8*12 character matrix

–    keyboard: alphanumeric-, standard character set

–    CPU card: 64 Kilobyte dynamic RAM, 6/12 Kilobyte EPROM storage, direct memory access

–    I/O card: keyboard management, printer control, floppy disk control, serial line management.

–    Optional I/O card: for synchronous terminal and local networks

–    Optional parallel interface card: for individual  tasks

–    Floppy unit: 2 MOM  (Hungarian Optical Works) MF 6400  8″ floppy unit


–    matrix printer (e.g. DZM, VDT, DARO) through parallel interfaces.

–    Plotter or graphic display, etc.

–    1-4 TELETERM terminal (produced by SZKI)

In individual mode, there is the possibility of running and developing programs under the PROPOS system written in BASIC, FORTRAN, PASCAL and C.  In terminal mode, it can act as a terminal of ESZR, SIEMENS and IBM machines.

–    Számítástechnikai Koordinációs Intézet, Budapest

–    Labor MIM, Esztergom (developer) –    BME Automatizálási Tsz. (system)

–    manufactured: 1982