Gepárd 8 telex-computer

Gepárd-8 telex-computer

The Triton Computer Co-operative, founded from a cooperative manufacturing toys and sewing kits, developed and produced the Gepard telex computers.

In the 80s, Triton and its developers have been “infected” by information technology. They developed and began producing a minicomputer but the market was largely limited by the lack of user software.

The death blow was the explosive spread of the Commodore 64 computers. Therefore they looked for a specific area of use of their gathered knowledge and manufacturing experience and that was the telex. At that time, due to the acute lack of a telephone network, the telex provided the connection between the companies.

Instead of the mechanical telegraphs being used in Hungary at the time, Triton developed and began manufacturing telex computers called Gepard 8 and Gepard 16 that significantly increased the standards and quality of telex services. Thanks to the product, Triton gained significant telecommunication skills and contacts which determined the subsequent years.

The telex market ended in the early 90s due to the market entry of the fax machines in the distribution and promotion of which the company was a market leader, too.