The World's first microfloppy - the predecessor of the 3.5″ floppy disk system - in 3-inch version - was developed by Marcell Jánosi in the BRG, in 1973.


A Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) a VAX (Virtual Address eXtension) módszert a mikroprocesszoros  MicroVax gépcsaládban mutatta be, első í

The Minsk computer family manufactured in Minsk for 10 years is practically the descendant of the vacuum tube M3 computers developed in Moscow.

The MINSK-32 digital computer for general purposes was produced in the Soviet Union, in the Ordzhonikidze factory, in 1968.

Olivetti M21 számítógép

A nagy múltra visszatekintő (1908-ban alapított) olasz Olivetti cég, melynek fő profilja az irodatechnika volt, az 1950-es években belépett a számítástechnikai piacra is.

The greatest advantage of the punched tape was that the punched characters had a fixed position.

The PDP-11/34 concept was created by Bob Armstrong, he completed the machine in 1976

The Primo first Hungarian produced home computer available in shops, was put on the market in 1984.