The Minsk computer family manufactured in Minsk for 10 years is practically the descendant of the vacuum tube M3 computers developed in Moscow.

The MINSK-32 digital computer for general purposes was produced in the Soviet Union, in the Ordzhonikidze factory, in 1968.

Olivetti M21 számítógép

A nagy múltra visszatekintő (1908-ban alapított) olasz Olivetti cég, melynek fő profilja az irodatechnika volt, az 1950-es években belépett a számítástechnikai piacra is.

The greatest advantage of the punched tape was that the punched characters had a fixed position.

The PDP-11/34 concept was created by Bob Armstrong, he completed the machine in 1976

The Primo first Hungarian produced home computer available in shops, was put on the market in 1984.

Videoton TV Computer

TVC is a typical example or the “no prophet in his own country” maxim.? Its career lasted about three years.

Videoton VT 20

The main parts of the control panel: Disc processor The disc CPU is located on two cards.