The winning computer on the first School-computer Competition of the Ministry of Education. Practically, the HT-1080Z was the first computer that appeared in a large scale in the schools

Beside their measuring instruments recognized on a world-wide level, they started the mass production of the first Hungarian calculator, HUNOR 131, under the direction of Árpád Klatsmányi.

IBM manufactured this removable disk drive from 1962 for its computer systems. The device - nicknamed ‘washing machine’ due to its shape - could store 2 million characters on an IBM 1316 magnetic disk.

Az IBM 1403 tipusú sornyomtatót 1959-ben vezették be, még az 1400-as sorozatú gépek perifériájaként.

The IBM 360 was a system announced by IBM in 1964, and delivered from 1965.

Produced by International Computer and Tabulators Ltd. in London, it was introduced in 1964 barely six months after the launch of the IBM 360.

Professor Kalmár, with his co-workers started to build an electronic computer in the mid-1950s, but in the end instead of finishing it - continuing the example of the Ferranti logical machine - he created a logical machine with completely original design.

Drum memories of the first Hungarian electronic computer.

SzKI introduced the first professional microcomputer here, named M05X, in the 1970s but only the version improved by the Technical University of Budapest, by the name of M08X, was put into production in Esztergom by Labor MIM.

The World's first microfloppy - the predecessor of the 3.5″ floppy disk system - in 3-inch version - was developed by Marcell Jánosi in the BRG, in 1973.