Videoton TV Computer (TVC)

Videoton TV Computer
Videoton TVC

TVC is a typical example or the “no prophet in his own country” maxim.? Its career lasted about three years.

Videoton manufactured this machine in the second half of the 80s. The company produced approximately 12,000 (!) copies primarily for schools. It cost HUF 12-15,000 equivalent approx. to three month salary of a teacher.

It had a Z80 CPU of 8bit, with a clock signal of 3 MHz, as well as a built-in keyboard and a joystick. The display had a TV and an antenna connector, the storage was BRG cassette recorder, and the computer included a Centronics interface. It was supplemented by a floppy disk drive that was capable to read the floppies of IBM PCs.

It was supplied with BASIC but later it was sold with CP/M operating system, word processor and even the FORTH programming language. The available educational programs were developed by OPI.