Bull Gamma subtitler

Bull Gamma subtitler

The punched card technology in Hungary, and in other parts of the world as well, was one of the predecessors of computers.

Developing the operational order, recording the data on punched card (as data units, that is, as records) verifying, correcting and arranging them according to tasks, summarizing the data on tabulating machines (their partial units: counters, comparative units, line printer etc.), controlling the operations on the switchboard, and the operation of the punched card sorters, ordering the data to each other advances the task solving procedures in computing.

At the end of the 1950s vacuum tube computers Bull Gamma 3 were put into operation connected to punched card tabulating machines.

These were among the fist imported computing equipments in Hungary and were installed at the Central Statistical Office, Ministry of Home Affairs and Hungarian Railways.

At out exhibition we introduce a subtitler from this front-rank manufacturer in punched card technology.

Source: Képes, Gábor - Álló, Géza: The Past of the Future (A jövő múltja), NJSZT, Budapest, 2013., p37-39.