BraiLab plus, beszélő számítógép

Brailab talking computer

In respect of the speaking aids and including all the available computer aids, BraiLab machines were almost the only tools that were used in the education of the Hungarian visually impaired people from primary school up to university, as well as in the basic rehabilitation training of the blinds who lost their sight in the adulthood. The members of the BraiLab machine family created new job opportunities for visually impaired people and have been integrated into all education levels. As a result, we can conclude that the use of computerized aids for the blind and partially sighted and the Braille printing technique is not less developed and widespread in Hungary than in the most industrialized countries. According to blind users, the appearance of BraiLab brought a revolutionary change into the life of their actively working or studying peers. Hardszoft Gmk and Color Ipari Szövetkezet factory, in Dombóvár obtained the right to produce the module necessary to transform the HomeLab computer into a BraiLab basic machine. They sold about 400 Brailab basic machines for blind and partially sighted people. The production of BraiLab Plusz was made by KFKI that sold 60 pieces. The BraiLab PC adapters are manufactured by KFKI Direkt Kft. and so far, they vended 70 pieces primarily to partially sighted people.