The past of the future, from Neumann to internet

Book and exhibition

A significant computer exhibition was opened to the public in the Szent-Györgyi Albert Agora in Szeged.
The John von Neumann Computer Society contributes to the preservation of historical values not only by creating, maintaining and developing an exhibition but also by compiling a volume of over 200 pages to present the evolution, main areas and domestic representatives of information technology through images, object descriptions, biographies, hundreds of references and a detailed bibliography. Big part of the machines, objects and devices in the book can be viewed and tried at the exhibition.
The hundreds of tonnes of computer devices and equipment presented here were nothing short of indispensable in the development of today?s technology: touch screens, laptops or smart phones, not to mention the Internet itself, could not exist without them.

During exhibition tours, solutions of the 21st century enable visitors to experience from close up the short but amazingly fast-changing history of information technology.

‘The past of the future? was written by Géza Álló and Gábor Képes, edited by István Alföldi, and published by the John von Neumann Computer Society. The book can be purchased at the site of exhibition in the Agora of Szeged or in Budapest in NJSZT customer service. (1054 Báthori u. 16.).
Price: 3,850 Ft

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