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The era of the computer in every home ” a favourite topic among science-fiction writers ” has arrived.” This is how the article published in Popular Electronics started forty years ago, in January 1975. The cover page of the magazine featured a 400-dollar computer, the Altair 8800.

The PC revolution was prevalent in1987, just like in the computer science of the entire decade. Desktop PCs became standard hardware for home enthusiasts, companies, government agencies, computer labs, and higher education campuses in the United States.

The 20th anniversary of the Playstation on 3 December 2014 was celebrated with various festive events and activities, and with special offers, of course.

From December on, children who visit the British National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) and are interested in technologies will be introduced to the secrets of FUZE by experts through the use of the machine of FUZE Technologies (, which was developed for educational purposes by computer enthusiasts with the intention to make teaching and learning fun.

The creator of the original ZX Spectrum also supports Vega’s development, the ZX Spectrum Vega, which is not a micro-computer, but a game console.

The world’s first web browser, the WorldWideWeb browser, was released at Christmas, on 25 December in 1995.

Ralph Baer

Ralph Baer, the developer of Magnavox Odyssey, the very first video game console, died on 7 December, at the age of 92.

The father of Fortran programming language, John Backus (1924-2007) was born 90 years ago, on 3 December 1924.

There is a general agreement of views that the very first navigation solutions for cars were released in the market in 1989, and the use of self-driving vehicles on roads may spread by 2030.

We will be ghosts in history if we do not do something about the preservation of digital data, warned Vinton Cerf, who is often referred to as the “father” of the internet, and has been Google’s official evangelist since 2005.