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Our first visitors: the legendary software developer and the first Hungarian space tourist Charles Simonyi and his brother, Tamás Simonyi.

The temporary exhibition can be viewed from 7 June 2017 until the end of September as part of NJSZT’s Exhibition on Computer History in Szeged.

BUT we are! We are looking for these droids.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum, the most successful home computer of all times celebrates its 35th birthday on 23 April.

It is the birthday of the Hungarian poet Attila József, which is observed as the National Poetry Day in Hungary.

The machine was donated by the engineer István Bíró, the former general director of IDG Hungary.

Commemoration under the umbrella of Digital Equality

Hotmail, originally spelt HoTMaiL, the first web-based emailing service was launched on 4 July 1996.